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Business Continuity

What does continuity mean for your business?

Imagine you are a medical practice that can’t book appointments because your server is down. How long could this business be down before it starts to “hurt” patients? 


Imagine you are a retail business that needs to process hundreds of transactions a day, but your point of sale system was damaged in an electrical storm, and you can’t process and record transactions. How will you stay in business? What will you do?”Now imagine getting it all back in a matter of seconds.

It’s no longer a matter of “if,” but “when” a real world threat will

compromise your business data.

Between natural disasters, viruses, user error, and ransomware like ”cryptolocker,” these threats are becoming ever-present.

Business Continuity made for your business

No matter how complex your IT environment may be, business continuity should be simple, fast, and reliable. It should work when you need it to – in an instant’s notice – locally in your office or from an off-site location. It should prove itself day in and day out on your schedule.


All-In-One business continuity
for IT environments.

Backup your data as frequently
as every five minutes.

Restore entire servers in
minutes, not hours or days.

Both local and cloud options
for data recovery.

Mitigate compliance and
regulatory concerns.

Eliminate the impact of
ransomware with automated
detection & easy recovery.

Managed entirely by your
service provider.

It’s no longer a matter of “if,” but “when” a real-world threat will compromise your business data. Between natural disasters, viruses and  user error, will you be ready?

Ransomware Ready Backup

  • Cloud Backup

  • On-premise systems & user data

  • Public Cloud user data

  • Data Centre systems & user data

  • Laptop backup

  • Attack Loop ransomware protection for Windows files

  • Attack Loop ransomware protection for O365 OneDrive & SharePoint files 

  • Remote Virtual DR for VMWare (rVDR)

  • Includes IT DR plan and VPN remote access

  • Backup Lifecycle Management (BLM) Archive

  • Long-term storage

  • Data destruction certificates

Attack Loop.jpg

Ransomware Ready Benefits

  • Low touch on existing infrastructure

    • Agentless technology

    • End-to-end data protection for enterprise environments

    • Protects all customer data

    • Regardless of the data source location

    • Software and hardware platform agnostic

    • Automation with little or no human intervention

  • It’s a Managed Service – not a product sale

    • Supports all cloud deployment models

    • Public/Hybrid/Private clouds

    • Ensures data security

    • Low total-cost of ownership

  • 3 Step Protection against Ransomware

    • Scans file during backup and recovery

    • Variable naming for backup files

    • 2FA admin check at volume deletion


For further information, please click here:

Back Up Disaster Recovery as a Service

Comprehensive Malware Protection
For Your Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Data and
Windows File System Backups

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