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COVID-19 and your business

How we can help?

The UK  government has placed responsibility and risk firmly with the employer

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) holds managers & directors personally responsible for the risk of transmission, a risk that has been magnified by the increase in remote working, creating workplaces outside of company control.

HSE enforcement options for putting people at risk include closure of a business operation, uncapped fines and criminal prosecution. In addition, there has been wave of personal claims based on employer negligence.

ResiliSense was developed by experts to keep you informed, train employees, log incidents and retain records of all action taken to keep your employees and business protected and provide you with the evidence to pass the HSE reverse burden of proof.

Save time ensuring compliance

ResiliSense schedules and manages the delivery of updates, tailored
training and assessments so you can focus on running the business.

Attempting to track every update and managing an awareness programme

is a costly distraction for businesses trying to navigate the present disruption.

Comprehensive support from us

We’ll support your journey from early immersion training to updates and
opinion with a full suite of services from our team.

Ask about consultancy and creating online training content tailored to your company policies

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