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Testing Services

Our testing approach is designed to help you identify your security vulnerabilities, assess your risk, and develop an appropriate action plan of improvements to protect your systems. Our testing encompasses a range of technical and non-technical measures, and will provide a clear picture of your security weaknesses, and an action plan of improvements.

There are an increasing number of tools available that, according to their manufacturers, offer automated security testing. However, in our experience, successful penetrations of systems involve not only the discovery of specific vulnerabilities, but the chaining of individual vulnerabilities together to create a path through the various components of an entire system. This requires a human element alongside automation, and Stanford has over fifteen years' experience in developing a comprehensive range of successful methodologies to test a variety of systems.

Consultative approach

Our consultancy approach means that the test will be tailored specifically to your organisation, enabling your testing projects to run as efficiently as possible. In addition, our prompt reporting gives you more than just technical findings, helping you assess relative risks and plan priority remediation.

Complete testing services. We offer a wide range of security testing services, including:

  • Annual external and/or internal penetration testing

  • Specific application penetration testing

  • Code auditing

  • Social engineering testing

  • Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials PLUS

Where required, Stanford can also help clients remediate serious test findings, in order to deliver timely security improvements.

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